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Welcome to Capital Lacrosse.  We are a not-for-profit, parent-run organization dedicated to helping young women from across the metropolitan Washington, DC area play high school lacrosse at the highest level. In order to get the most out of our players, we provide a great balance of hard work, competition, and fun.  

We accomplish this by:

  • PLAYER DEVELOPMENT - Helping the Club’s athletes develop leadership skills, good sportsmanship, and a love of the game of lacrosse;

  • OUTSTANDING COACHING - Helping develop player skills by coordinating practices and instructional sessions with best-in-class skill coaches;

  • HIGH LEVEL COMPETITION - Providing opportunities for athletes in the Club to participate in very competitive local, regional and national lacrosse tournaments; and

  • COLLEGIATE RECRUITING - Assisting players who wish to play lacrosse at the collegiate level gain visibility during the college recruiting process and provide players and their parents a resource to help evaluate post-high school lacrosse opportunities and options.

Capital Lacrosse is open to players from all schools and previous programs. 

To afford our players maximum opportunities to play and develop their skills, we keep our rosters small (20-23 players per roster).

In addition to providing excellent coaching, Capital is committed to developing each player by integrating strength and agility training into our program.  A strong majority of our players go on to play college lacrosse, and Capital supports each player in her unique journey toward that goal. Our impressive record of college placement speaks for itself.  

There are six Capital teams.  They include a Blue team and an Orange team for the freshman, sophomore, and junior years. Tryouts for each team occur mid summer. Tryouts are rigorous, objective, and open to anyone. Most tournaments occur in the Fall and Summer; practices in the Fall occur on Sundays while practices in the Summer take place on evenings during the week.

The Club’s parent-run board of directors is supported by a small staff, including Executive Director Gussie Johns, Deputy Executive Director Bill Lewis, Director of Recruiting Jacqueline Burke, and Director of Logistics Shaun Simonides.

If high school women’s lacrosse is a joy and passion for you, we hope you will reach out to us and learn how you can become a part of our very special Capital Lacrosse family.

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