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General Information


We begin practice during the last week of August each year. You can expect to practice every Sunday from late August to early November, with the exception of labor day and Columbus Day weekends.


We do not practice during the winter or spring months as that time is dedicated to other sports and participation in your high school programs. However, we do offer an optional winter program. 

Practice will resume for the summer season in late May and run twice a week through June and once a week in July, until the end of the tournaments. 

*We practice in the greater D.C. Metro area, often trying to hit MD and VA so we can create a balance for our families


Each of our teams will participate in 3-4 tournaments and playdays throughout the fall season. Similarly, each team will participate in 3-5 during the summer as well. Usually, we have 2 in June and 2 in July. 

Due to our long history within the lacrosse community and status as one of the best clubs in the country, we have the privilege of being invited to play in the best tournaments and the best brackets within each tournament. This allows all of our athletes to be seen by the best eyes, giving them ample opportunities to be recruited. 

Player Committment

Capital is seeking highly committed student-athletes. Players are expected to attend all practices and tournaments. We expect absences during the season to be rare. We understand that there are certain circumstances like family weddings or school commitments that impact a player's ability to be at a given practice or tournament. Those will be considered excused absences. It is not fair to your teammates and coaches if you do not follow through on this commitment; you are taking a valuable roster spot of someone who would be willing to do so. 

Playing time

The coaches are asked to achieve the dual goal of showcasing players and winning. The club’s goal is to provide players with playing time of at least a half (which may be a combination of time over a game) in every game. Every player that makes a Capital team has earned the right to play in every game and no player in good standing will be held out of any game.  However, playing time can be positively or negatively impacted based on the player's attitude, attendance, effort, and coachability.  In extreme circumstances, the coach has the option to sit a player for an entire game if in the opinion of the coach, that player is negatively impacting the team.


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