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where do capital alumnae play?

There are many reasons that a player will come to Capital Lacrosse Club. At the top of that list for most players is the pursuit of playing lacrosse at the collegiate level. There is no guarantee for any girl that she will get there. However, the hard work, dedication, accountability and support that come with being a member of Capital help a high percentage of our players achieve their goals. Over 90% of seniors that played for Capital in the Class of 2018 have committed to play lacrosse in college. Below are more than 80 of the schools that our players have committed to and played for in the past and today.

Our alumnae have gone on to significant college careers at many of the nation's most prestigious Division I, II and III programs as well as National Teams around the world.  Just this past year (2018), we saw Capital alumnae playing big roles in both the NCAA Division I finals AND the DIII Final Four!  

You will also find Capital alumnae playing on the US Lacrosse Team USA and the Women's Professional Lacrosse League (WPLL).  And a Capital alum, Kristen Gaudian, was nominated for the prestigious Tewaaraton Award, given annually to the most outstanding American college lacrosse player.  In 2017, we saw Capital alumnae playing in both the NCAA Division I finals AND the FIL World Cup championship games.

Following is a partial list of more than 300 Capital players through the years along with the high school they attended, their high school grad year and the college they committed to play for. Coming from more than 50 different high schools over the years, Capital players have gone on to play at more than 80 colleges and university to include every Ivy League school, West Point and The Naval Academy.


We applaud these strong women as they pursue their passion on and off the field. They are the reason we proudly say #GoCapital!

NameHigh School AttendedCollege CommitmentCLC Class Year
Belodeau, ZoeSt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolUniversity of Pennsylvania2017
Blycher, MarleyLoudoun County High SchoolWingate University2017
Brisbin, CatonBishop Ireton High SchoolIona College2017
Button, EmmaSt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolChristopher Newport University2017
Campagna, ElizabethEpiscopal High SchoolUniversity of California, Berkeley2017
Carney, KateBishop Ireton High SchoolUniversity of Cincinnati2017
Checkosky, KatieRobinson Secondary SchoolJames Madison University2017
Cole, AmeliaBishop Ireton High SchoolUniversity of Denver2017
Cox, LeahSt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolVirginia Tech2017
Cunningham, MeghanBishop Ireton High SchoolDenison University2017
DeCanio, MorganBishop Ireton High SchoolUnited States Military Academy2017
Dunlap, AnnieJohn Champe High SchoolUnited States Military Academy2017
Dunn, KelseySt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolYale University2017
Duperrozel, KaylaBishop Ireton High SchoolYale University2017
Gabriel, HonorNational Cathedral SchoolHamilton College2017
Gallager, MarthaWest Potomac High SchoolFresno State University2017
Graham, HalleOur Lady of Good CounselUniversity of Virginia2017
Hill, LindySt. Andrew's SchoolDenison University2017
Hofgard, AnnaLangley High SchoolUniversity of California, Davis2017
Holt, GretaEpiscopal High SchoolDickinson College2017
Horning, KellyThe Academy of the Holy CrossFairfield University2017
Jones, LylaPotomac SchoolColby College2017
Kotz, AnneliseHolton-Arms SchoolThe College of William & Mary2017
Marcus, JordanCollegiate SchoolPrinceton University2017
Marshall, KaylaBishop Ireton High SchoolUniversity of Louisville2017
Miller, MollieSt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolGeorgetown University2017
O'Hara, MeganLangley High SchoolHamilton College2017
Palmucci, StephanieOakton High SchoolUniversity of Connecticut2017
Prince, AveryBullis SchoolBates College2017
Pugh, OliviaSt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolPrinceton University2017
Ricci, ElenaSt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolVirginia Tech2017
Roberts, AlexiaDamascus High SchoolArizona State University2017
Rotondo, GraceGeorgetown VisitationHarvard University2017
Ryan, KatieBishop Ireton High SchoolMercer University2017
Shepardson, CampbellSt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolJames Madison University2017
Tadie, HannaLoudoun Valley High SchoolCornell University2017
Vinall, EmmaW.T. Woodson High SchoolAmerican University2017
Whitley, WynneSt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolGeorgetown University2017
Wiseman, CarolineSt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolUniversity of Denver2017
Bowen, NoraWoodgrove High SchoolUniversity of Virginia2016
Britton, AshleyAnnandale High SchoolHigh Point University2016
Burnett, MatternSt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolVanderbilt University2016
Carson, EllieSt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolDartmouth College2016
Collette, CamrynSt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolCoastal Carolina University2016
Cory, AnnieSt. Anne's-Belfield SchoolPrinceton University2016
Digiacomo, CarolineSt. Anne's-Belfield SchoolUniversity of Denver2016
Dolan, BrittanyBishop Ireton High SchoolPenn State University2016
Dougherty, MollySt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolJames Madison University2016
Duenkel, HalleLangley High SchoolJames Madison University2016
El, WendyJohn Paul the GreatCatholic University of America2016
Fletcher, GraceBishop Ireton High SchoolLiberty University2016
Foery, MadisonGeorgetown VisitationUniversity of Cincinnati2016
Garrett, HaydenFlint Hill SchoolMiddlebury College2016
Gately, Mary GraceSt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolMiddlebury College2016
Grace, AlexFoxcroft SchoolUniversity of Virginia2016
Griswold, SarahSt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolKenyon College2016
Hajost, AnnieFlint Hill SchoolChristopher Newport University2016
Harrison, GiddingsSt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolWashington & Lee Univeristy2016
Hassell, HaleySt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolHamilton College2016
Jacobs, ErinSt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolTufts University2016
Jones, SarahEpiscopal High SchoolThe College of William & Mary2016
Kettle, KileyFlint Hill SchoolElon University2016
Kurisky, HannahPaul VI Catholic High SchoolVirginia Tech2016
Larkin, KellyBishop Ireton High SchoolUnited States Naval Academy2016
Lohrer, MaggieBishop Ireton High SchoolBoston University2016
Martin, LaurenGeorgetown VisitationUniversity of Virginia2016
Matz, KatieWestfield High SchoolCampbell University2016
McCarthy, Mary ClareConnelly School of the Holy ChildVirginia Tech2016
Murray, MeghanGeorgetown VisitationLoyola University2016
Orrison, KatherineLoudoun County High SchoolChristopher Newport University2016
Pusey, AnnaSt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolCollege of the Holy Cross2016
Regen, MackenzieLangley High SchoolChristopher Newport University2016
Reitano, SheilaPotomac SchoolBoston College2016
Thompson, KatieLake Braddock Secondary SchoolRandolph Macon College2016
Voorhees, PalmerSt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolElon University2016
Walker, JasmineSt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolGeorge Washington University2016
Byrne, JuliaLangley High SchoolUniversity of Cincinnati2015
Cross, ShannonBishop Denis J. O'Connell High SchoolUniversity of California, Davis2015
Edgerton, OliviaConnelly School of the Holy ChildUniversity of California, Davis2015
Fix, CharlotteSt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolVirginia Tech2015
Heerink, SigourneyJames Madison High SchoolDrexel University2015
Henriksen, HaleySt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolAmherst College2015
Irwin, NatalieBishop Ireton High SchoolUnited States Naval Academy2015
Jackson, MaggieGeorgetown VisitationUniversity of Virginia2015
Jones, AshleySt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolUniversity of California, Berkeley2015
Lee, NicoleLangley High SchoolUniversity of Delaware2015
Lee, OliviaHolton-Arms SchoolBrown University2015
Luzik, KaitlinBishop Ireton High SchoolUniversity of Virginia2015
Majure, EllieSt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolDuke University2015
Mathews, KellyBishop Ireton High SchoolBoston University2015
McGrath, OliviaFairfax High SchoolVirginia Commonwealth University2015
O'Berry, CaitlynConnelly School of the Holy ChildBrown University2015
Perkins, BrieMadeira SchoolCoastal Carolina University2015
Persinski, LauraPotomac SchoolVillanova University2015
Schuler, MackenzieRobinson Secondary SchoolUniversity of California, Davis2015
Schwien, LizzyFlint Hill SchoolUnited States Naval Academy2015
Somers, KristenYorktown High SchoolVirginia Commonwealth University2015
Swanson, KirstenGeorgetown VisitationUniversity of California, Berkeley2015
Swenson, KendallSt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolUniversity of California, Berkeley2015
Ulmer, LexiTrinity Christian SchoolLiberty University2015
Veith, HedySt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolTufts University2015
Williams, MaggieSt John's College High SchoolHigh Point University2015
Zarella, AubreyLangley High SchoolUniversity of Cincinnati2015
Zinsner, AddieGeorgetown VisitationYale University2015
Brennan, LeahHayfield Secondary SchoolAmerican University2014
Byrne, Mary Claire Connelly School of the Holy ChildVirginia Tech2014
Cavallo, Kathryn St. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolColumbia University2014
Cleary, BridgetChantilly High SchoolUniversity of Cincinnati2014
Cole, OliviaBishop Ireton High SchoolUniversity of Florida2014
Davidson, SophieSt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolDartmouth College2014
Donahoe, AverySt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolBoston University2014
Doyle, KatherineFlint Hill SchoolBucknell University2014
Gaines, KristynThe Academy of the Holy CrossUniversity of Connecticut2014
Garrett, ParkerNational Cathedral SchoolUniversity of California, Berkeley2014
Gaudian, KristenLake Braddock Secondary SchoolJames Madison University2014
Goode, SarahSt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolColumbia University2014
Hagerup, AnaGeorgetown VisitationUniversity of Virginia2014
Heick, MeghanWestfield High SchoolUniversity of Virginia2014
Hunt, EmilyConnelly School of the Holy ChildFairfield University2014
Johns, GussieSt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolUniversity of Southern California2014
Lantuh, NicoleConnelly School of the Holy ChildMount St. Mary's College2014
McKinney, HalseyHolton-Arms SchoolBowdoin College2014
Mikkelsen, OliviaSt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolUniversity of Notre Dame2014
Myers, KellyGeorgetown VisitationStanford University2014
Nagel, TinaWest Springfield High SchoolJacksonville University2014
O'Sullivan, MollyWestfield High SchoolUnited States Naval Academy2014
Philbrick, DarbySt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolHamilton College2014
Simonides, JordanLangley High SchoolMarquette University2014
Barlow, MeganRobinson Secondary SchoolGeorge Mason University2013
Britton, PaigeAnnandale High SchoolLiberty University2013
Christopher, RileyGeorgetown VisitationBrown University2013
Cresham, MarisaThomas S. Wootton High SchoolYale University2013
Cross, AshleyBishop Denis J. O'Connell High SchoolMonmouth University2013
Donegan, HannahFlint Hill SchoolConnecticut College2013
Dyson, BesserSt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolUniversity of Virginia2013
Fogarty, Margaret TuckerSt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolJames Madison University2013
Gess, LindsaySt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolRhodes College2013
Gibson, AnsleyFlint Hill SchoolDenison University2013
Harrison, AlyssaLake Braddock Secondary SchoolThe College of William & Mary2013
Kellan, MelissaJames Madison High SchoolUniversity of California, Davis2013
Lane, MollieSt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolBrown University2013
LaRochelle, AnisaHolton-Arms SchoolBowdoin College2013
Long, ErinLangley High SchoolGeorge Washington University2013
Mares, LindseyWest Springfield High SchoolGeorge Mason University2013
McEvoy, TessGeorgetown VisitationYale University2013
Moloney, MeghanSt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolUnited States Naval Academy2013
Nantz, MaggieLeonardtown High SchoolUnited States Naval Academy2013
Patalita, MaryGeorgetown VisitationCollege of the Holy Cross2013
Pohanka, BlakeSt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolHigh Point University2013
Raffensperger, LaurenBullis SchoolCollege of the Holy Cross2013
ReedCarlySt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolUniversity of North Carolina2013
Sane, CarlyCentreville High SchoolMonmouth University2013
Shaffrey, BridgetWestern Albermarle High SchoolBucknell University2013
Sisson, OliviaLangley High SchoolWashington & Lee Univeristy2013
Smith, HeidiBroad Run High SchoolUniversity of Louisville2013
Soutter, HayleyLangley High SchoolWashington & Lee Univeristy2013
Thomas, HannahSt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolFranklin & Marshall College2013
Voorhees, LayneSt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolUniversity of Denver2013
Wagner, RachelLangley High SchoolCoastal Carolina University2013
Whitley, WyattSt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolUniversity of Virginia2013
Austin, KatieSt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolUniversity of Southern California2012
Bentley, SavannahJames Madison High SchoolAmerican University2012
Bisson, MeganJames Madison High SchoolGeorge Mason University2012
Chaplin, KylieChantilly High SchoolChristopher Newport University2012
Cross, CournteyBishop Denis J. O'Connell High SchoolVillanova University2012
Davidson, MaddieSt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolClaremont-Mudd-Scripps2012
Dyson, EmmaSt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolBucknell University2012
Flax, MadelynWinston Churchill High SchoolWesleyan University2012
Glasgow, EllieLangley High SchoolGeorge Washington University2012
Holt, EmmaEpiscopal High SchoolBucknell University2012
Irwin, EvaBishop Ireton High SchoolMonmouth University2012
Lavie, LizzSt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolUniversity of California, Berkeley2012
McHugh, KatieRobinson Secondary SchoolLongwood University2012
Molloy, BrynWalter Johnson High SchoolCatholic University of America2012
Mooney, Mary GraceGeorgetown VisitationBucknell University2012
Nealon, MargaretBishop Ireton High SchoolUniversity of Vermont2012
Paterson, PaigeSt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolUniversity of North Carolina2012
Phillips, MicheleSt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolUniversity of Notre Dame2012
Reed, AbigailSouth Lakes High SchoolWesleyan University2012
Revel, AlexOakton High SchoolJames Madison University2012
Rushford, CourtneyHolton-Arms SchoolUniversity of Pennsylvania2012
Smith, LillianEpiscopal High SchoolDenison University2012
Tonner, Mary MargaretGeorgetown VisitationSt. Joseph's University2012
Wilcox, SarahSt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolVanderbilt University2012
Williams, KathleenSt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolRollins College2012
Wiseman, KatieSt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolStanford University2012
Zeigler, MaddieBishop Ireton High SchoolUniversity of North Carolina2012
Aust, NicoleBullis SchoolUniversity of Maryland2011
Bentsen, MeredithSt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolKenyon College2011
Bermingham, KateAnnandale High SchoolOld Dominion University2011
Collins, CarolineGeorgetown VisitationBucknell University2011
Curran, ClareSt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolYale University2011
DeWakar, AnjuliT.C. Williams High SchoolColumbia University2011
Fellow, JessicaFlint Hill SchoolUnited States Naval Academy2011
Grabbi, ErikaHeritage High SchoolPrinceton University2011
Haglund, KellyStone Ridge School of the Sacred HeartDickinson College2011
Hahn, AllisonJames Madison High SchoolUniversity of Delaware2011
Hester, CaitlinBattlefield High SchoolThe Ohio State University2011
Johansen, AbbyGeorge Mason High SchoolOld Dominion University2011
Klinedinst, CatherinHolton-Arms SchoolWashington & Lee Univeristy2011
Lotterman, CatherineNational Cathedral SchoolWashington & Lee Univeristy2011
Morris, CharlottePotomac SchoolUniversity of California, Davis2011
Mullen, HannahSt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolHarvard University2011
Offit, MichelleHolton-Arms SchoolUniversity of Florida2011
Raffensperger, BrynnConnelly School of the Holy ChildCollege of the Holy Cross2011
Rosetti, SophieHolton-Arms SchoolVassar College2011
Rupp, SarahBishop Ireton High SchoolUniversity of California, Davis2011
Shaffrey, EllenWestern Albermarle High SchoolThe College of William & Mary2011
Simmons, KatherineBishop Ireton High SchoolSan Diego State University2011
Skay, RachelWalter Johnson High SchoolVirginia Tech2011
Swagart, MeredithBullis SchoolUniversity of Massachusetts Amherst2011
Williams, GracieHerndon High SchoolMonmouth University2011
Wilson, TaylorEpiscopal High SchoolBowdoin College2011
Zarella, VictoriaLangley High SchoolUniversity of Cincinnati2011
Akey, KendallSt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolGettsyburg College2010
Bermingham, MaggieAnnandale High SchoolCollege of William and Mary2010
Canning, JillianLangley High SchoolDuquesne University2010
Coyle, MJConnelly School of the Holy ChildGeorgetown University2010
Dunwoody, ElizabethChantilly High SchoolUniversity of Florida2010
Edgerley, LindsayConnelly School of the Holy ChildDickinson College2010
Fabiani, MaddyPotomac SchoolUniversity of Virginia2010
Garrell, MeghanGeorgetown VisitationGeorgetown University2010
Gilbride, AnnabelleGeorgetown VisitationUniversity of Denver2010
Guidera, CarolineConnelly School of the Holy ChildVillanova University2010
Harris, MeredithFoxcroft SchoolUniversity of Denver2010
Irwin, MadelineAnnandale High SchoolUMBC2010
Kain, KylieGeorgetown VisitationColgate University2010
Kopecka, AnnaT.C. Williams High SchoolGeorge Mason University2010
Longwell, HannaMcLean High SchoolColgate University2010
McAuliffe, DoriPotomac SchoolColby College2010
Miller, LydiaGeorgetown VisitationUniversity of Pennsylvania2010
Moody, RachelRobinson Secondary SchoolCornell University2010
Nagle, NaomiWest Springfield High SchoolBrown University2010
Rhoads, EmilySt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolJames Madison University2010
Slater, KatieAcademy of the Holy CrossUniversity of Virginia2010
Swanson, NinaGeorgetown VisitationStanford University2010
Tela, JanetBishop Ireton High SchoolUniversity of Connecticut2010
Wheeler, AbbyWestern Albermarle High SchoolVanderbilt University2010
Whitman, EmilyW.T. Woodson High SchoolLongwood University2010
Woodman, ReillySt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolGeorgetown University2010
Zink, KelseyRobinson Secondary SchoolUniversity of Connecticut2010
Aust, AlexBullis SchoolUniversity of Maryland2009
Austin, KellySt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolUniversity of Virginia2009
Banta, ClaireBishop Ireton High SchoolUniversity of Virginia2009
Baqrron, ToryRobinson Secondary SchoolUniversity of Connecticut2009
Barber, SamanthaRobinson Secondary SchoolUniversity of Maryland2009
Blue, BrookeStone Ridge School of the Sacred HeartBoston College2009
Bowman, MariaBishop Ireton High SchoolVillanova University2009
Coffield, JessieSt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolBoston College2009
Conner, EmilySt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolUniversity of Notre Dame2009
Davis, CharlotteSt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolPrinceton University2009
Dunleavy, MeganRobinson Secondary SchoolUniversity of Virginia2009
Fauth, LouiseSt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolUniversity of Notre Dame2009
Fife, AllieBishop Ireton High SchoolMount St. Mary's College2009
Geist, BeccaW.T. Woodson High SchoolChristopher Newport University2009
Gray, LaurenBishop Ireton High SchoolGeorgetown University2009
Griel, BrittanyChantilly High SchoolUniversity of Delaware2009
Hechinger, AmandaBullis SchoolStanford University2009
Hellmuth, AshtonBishop Ireton High SchoolLehigh University2009
Hunter, AshleySt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolGeorgetown University2009
Jackson, DinaBullis SchoolGeorgetown University2009
Lynn, BridgettWestern Albermarle High SchoolGeorge Washington University2009
Mitchell, PhillipsPotomac SchoolJohns Hopkins University2009
Moody, SarahRobinson Secondary SchoolVillanova University2009
Newhouse, CassieSt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolStanford University2009
O'Shey, RyanPotomac SchoolStanford University2009
Pasfield, ChelseaSt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolVanderbilt University2009
Pheifer, AliceNational Cathedral SchoolMiddlebury College2009
Sparks, DanaRobinson Secondary SchoolPresbyterian College2009
Stillwell, KatieChantilly High SchoolCollege of William and Mary2009
Whicker, EmilyHolton-Arms SchoolWilliams College2009
Annie TaylorSt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolUniversity of Virginia2008
Christina RoaBullis SchoolColgate University2008
DeButts, LindseyEpiscopal High SchoolPrinceton University2008
Fogarty, BaileyHolton-Arms SchoolUniversity of Virginia2008
Gilbride, Mary LaceyGeorgetown VisitationUniversity of North Carolina2008
Goodhart, AmandaSt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolColumbia University2008
Gribbon, RyanSt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolBucknell University2008
Hayes, LucyHolton-Arms SchoolUniversity of North Carolina2008
Herrera, ErikaSt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolStanford University2008
Kimmener, AshleyOakton High SchoolJames Madison University2008
Knotts, OliviaSt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolCornell University2008
Lankford, HadleySt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolDartmouth College2008
Lila SampertonSt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolGeorgetown University (Field Hockey)2008
Morgan, ToriOakton High SchoolSt. Bonaventure University2008
Pelliconi, CameySt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolThe College of William & Mary2008
Pyle, CassieSt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolPrinceton University2008
Sarah VinallW.T. Woodson High SchoolUniversity of Richmond2008
Davis, KendallSt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolLafayette College2007
Denkler, KatherineSt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolVanderbilt University2007
Devine, BeccaSt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolBucknell University2007
Downs, LizSt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolUniversity of Virginia2007
Farrar, KatharineEpiscopal High SchoolWashington & Lee Univeristy2007
Hayes, EmilyNational Cathedral SchoolTrinity College2007
Holden, AbigailSt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolDartmouth College2007
Hurrin, MiaSt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolUniversity of North Carolina2007
Keena, KaitlinStone Ridge School of the Sacred HeartUniversity of Notre Dame2007
Leonard, ClaireHolton-Arms SchoolVanderbilt University2007
Millard, MollySt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolUniversity of Virginia2007
Naccarato, MiaW.T. Woodson High SchoolVillanova University2007
Stewart, AnsleyEpiscopal High SchoolUniversity of Notre Dame2007
Thomas, LaurenSt. Stephen's & St. Agnes SchoolGeorgetown University2007
Winglee, MichelleSidwell Friends SchoolCornell University2007