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Lax On, Rust Off - Details of The Day


We are happy to welcome you to the 2017 edition of Capital Lacrosse Club's "Lax On, Rust Off" (LORO) pre-season middle school lacrosse tournament. Plenty of info here for, please take 5 minutes and read to the end.

For those of you who are joining us for the first time - welcome! For those who've been around the block with us before - we've got a few tricks up our sleeve to make this the best LORO yet!

LORO is an event that has grown from a few local middle school teams getting together to over 440 players and 25 teams descending on one of the best high school athletic venues in the nation to shake off the rust of winter and have some fun. The spirit of the event has never play lacrosse with friends to get some game-speed reps in before the season. Again, welcome to LORO and Capital!

Let's tackle some basic housekeeping items. 

We're thrilled to be playing at >>Episcopal High School<< this year! EHS is a long-time partner with Capital Lacrosse Club and we  The facilities at EHS provide us with the opportunity to play lacrosse and enjoy some creature comforts. That said, EHS is a residential school....meaning, we are guests in someone's home. We kindly ask that great care and respect be shown to campus staff, facilities and venue-rules. Please stick to designated areas as indicated on site.

When you arrive, you can ONLY enter campus through the BRADDOCK ROAD entrance. Further, there are parking staff on-site to direct you to approved parking areas. Please follow their lead and only park in designated areas. PLAN YOUR DRIVE, PARKING and WALK-TIMES such that you aren't rushed. Better to have time on your hands than to be rushed.

No tents/tables are allowed. Given the weather this shouldn't be an issue. You can bring coolers (on wheels suggested).

A copy of your game schedule is attached. The schedule will also be at the registration/info table out in front of Flippin Field House. Score updates will occur at the table, as well.

You can find the TOURNAMENT RULES & SITE MAP - here --> >>2017RULESandSiteMap-LaxOnRustOffLORO<<. Be sure to review both for important information. There are some nuances to the game rules that matter. You coaches and the referees got this information previously. Knowing what the rules are and where to be will ensure a better experience for everyone.

We are very fortunate to have access to Flippin Field House as a warming area. There is enough room inside the field house for players and spectators to spread out and stay warm in between games. We recommend everyone take advantage of the space.

Sportsmanship, above all else, dictates how players and fans are viewed as people. We place a very high regard on sportsmanship at Capital Lacrosse Club because character counts. We are excited to introduce the "Kathleen Jenkins Award for Sportsmanship" this year. This perpetual award will be presented each year at LORO to the girls lacrosse team that sets the best example of sportsmanship, hard work and love for the game. Winners will be announced via email after the event and their names will be etched into the trophy. Scorers, referees and "roaming judges" will provide input on the final award each year in honor of our club's founder and winningest girls lacrosse coach in history.

You are welcome to bring snacks and light fare. Also, please note that there we will are happy to host >>Doug The Food Dude<< tomorrow. Stop by the truck for some good stuff!

CSM - Our Event Partner
For 2017 we have partnered with >>Complete Sports Management<< to pull together certain aspects of LORO. Stop by the CSM tent (near registration) for a "Health Hack Pack" (limited supply), use the charging station and learn a little about CSM.

The Elephant in the Room - IT WILL BE COLD.

The one variable in every outdoor sporting event is the weather. How we plan for (and react to) weather conditions determines our experience. So, a good checklist for everyone for tomorrow:

How to watch/play lacrosse in cold weather

  • On the Field:
    • Limit/Redce Outdoor Pregame warm-ups times
      • There's limited value in longer exposure to the cold. Do what you can, where you can...but, don't over-think it. No warmups are allowed inside of the field house
    • Layer up
      • Players & spectators should limit/eliminate exposed skin, wear gloves, wear a headband, wear a hat, 2-4 thin/mid-weight layers & 2 pair of socks - worry less about how it looks and more about how it feels...there is no shame in wearing snow pants or 3-pair of sweats in March <grin>.
        • How you dress is the ONE THING that coaches, parents and player have the most control over. You, AND ONLY YOU, can dress appropriate for the environment. Break out the cold weather clothes tonight and get your gear together
    • Blankets are awesome on the sideline - for players and spectators
    • Be an even better sport than normal (more on this below)
    • Cut the refs a little slack - she/he is probably just as cold as you are
    • Support all the kids on the field
    • Store your stick INSIDE overnight - plastic heads like to be warm at night...they get brittle if kept outside
    • Keep your sense of humor...always
  • When not playing:
    • Eat a good breakfast/lunch BEFORE you get there to the venue
    • Everyone should take advantage of enclosed spaces when not playing - cars, buildings, etc. - if it's there, use it
    • Hydrate - just because it is cold doesn't mean your body doesn't need water
    • Spend time together in the field house (see below), get to know each other and teams from other programs...lacrosse is a community sport
    • Check out the food trucks that will be on site for hot coffee/chocoate/goodies
    • Follow the event on Social Media by following @CLCLacrosse and @compsportsmgt on Twitter. BOTH Twitter handles will be active through the day w/ updates and fun stuff
    • Find fun in the experience: Talk to the Capital Lacrosse Club parents, players and coaches who will be on site and they'll share fun stories of some of the crazy times they've had watching, playing and coaching all over the country

That's about it for now. We look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Capital Lacrosse Club
Rich Hayden
Dir. of Communications
Follow us on Twitter: @CLCLacrosse
Go Capital!